Classic Style, Interrupted

As our lives are getting busier and things begin to ramp up, dare we say we are yearning for just a tiny break? It was this concept that inspired Natasha when she first considered The Interval, a collection of pearls, suspended. These pieces were designed to cut through the busy fashion noise; in cream and gold or grey and silver, these are a crisp take on a classic, designed to be worn every day. They have become a much-loved collection over the years, with limited edition designs introduced alongside the permanent pieces, and bespoke versions also commissioned, often featuring rose gold, or different sizes of gems. This season we have released a triple pearl bracelet to our ready to wear range - elegant worn alone with an evening dress, we also love it stacked with a smart watch and one of our Here to Eternity Bangles. These pieces celebrate classic style, interrupted: they are the modern, elegant way to wear a timeless gemstone.