Staying Organised

How do you store your jewellery? You might be surprised at the simple (and affordable!) method that most big jewellers employ. In an ideal world, we would all have shallow drawers within our wardrobes, Princess-Diaries style, each one sliding out to reveal singles layers of our tiaras – but in fact one of the most effective (but admittedly less glamorous) solutions come in the form of tiny grip seal bags. It’s what most jewellers use themselves and for good reason – they stop metal from tarnishing, stack neatly wherever they are stored, and it’s a cinch to see what is where at a glance. Try Amazon for a range of sizes and use one per piece – for pendants, always dangle the last bit of chain out the top to avoid tangles. Individual earrings should be stored in separate bags, then the pair popped in another bag to keep them together – otherwise the gems and metals can scratch against each other. Natasha shared more of her organisational thoughts with The Gloss Magazine; see her favourite tip below, then read the full article here!