Seeing Silver: The Power Collection

Natasha Sherling silver drop earrings


This season, we are proud to present the Power Collection - a series of fierce, sleek jewels cast in sterling silver, inspired by a desire for something fresh - for a clean slate. Nearly a year in the making, we are so pleased the pieces are now ready to introduce to everyone!


Natasha Sherling small silver hoops


Encompassing three different pairs of earrings and some bangles too, Natasha loves the idea of the line of sight that travels between someone's facial expressions and hand gestures as they're speaking - making these pieces the perfect post between which that gaze can travel. She says:

"Silver really spoke to me as a precious medium we could work with to achieve oversize proportions in pieces that are still very light and ultimately wearable. They pack a real punch and are so confident but I still love the softness of the curves in everything. I'm always quite inspired by what's happening on the catwalks and I just thought something streamlined and bold would be the perfect counterpoint to all the quiet luxury we're seeing at the minute - camel cashmere and grey tweed etc; the silver just pops!"


Natasha Sherling two heavy silver bangles


See and shop the full collection, along with some of our other classic silver pieces, here.