Is your jewellery in need of repair, resize - or a valuation?

All those jewellery jobs you've put on the long finger - let's get them done! We are here to help.

Top of your list should be any updates to valuations. The price of gold, platinum and diamonds in particular has risen at a strong pace in the last few years. And while many insurance companies actually require a fresh valuation every two years anyway, it may be well worth coming to get an update sooner, to ensure you're properly protected should anything happen to any of your pieces. All our valuation work includes a full clean and check of any prongs holding gemstones. Most of our valuation work can be done in the time it takes you to get a coffee, so pop us a mail or make an appointment to get the ball rolling.




Next, let's tackle any repair work - if you can feel or hear a stone rattling in its setting, it probably is! Tightening prongs is a cinch, and better to get to it before the gem saws through the metal. Particularly with diamonds, as they are so tough, that little rattling motion is enough to eat through tiny gold or platinum prongs! No prongs = lost gems so best to get that seen to sooner rather than later.

Out of shape metal, whether ring bands or fine bangles is another common occurrence. Metal is soft - it's how we make jewellery in the first place! - so these things happen with wear and tear. It's so easily fixed.

There are of course many other reasons for repair, from restringing pearls to refurbishing antique pieces - and we love the complex too! Our amazing team of goldsmiths and jewellers will be able to help work out whatever needs to be done.



Finally - sizing! If your rings are feeling too snug or loose, time to bring them in. Sizing is usually very straightforward and can start from about €75 for a ring, depending on the workmanship involved. The same goes for bracelets and necklaces - maybe you need links added or taken away; it's often the smallest tweaks that can make all the difference in the wearing of your pieces.


So no more putting these jobs off - enjoy wearing all your jewellery again ASAP; pop us a mail or make an appointment and we can take it from there.