Emerald Cuts: An Overview

The eternally-chic emerald cut is renowned for its clean lines and symmetry - it's a great cut for those who appreciate fine, minimalist sparkle and Art Deco style. Because there are much fewer facets than other cuts, we would always encourage clients to be mindful of clarity; there are very few places for inclusions to hide in emerald cut stones. However, this cut reflects light wonderfully well, hiding colour - so it can be possible to go down to an I or even J in terms of diamond colour without a tint appearing in a face-up stone. The rectangular shape is called after its namesake gemstone, the emerald; the cut was developed to make the most of the way the precious green gem grows in the rough, but due to the appreciation of its proportions and finish, it is a cut that has been extended to many other gems - pop over to Natasha's instagram to see a few favourite highlights of recent bespoke work featuring this beautiful cut or make an appointment with our studio to discuss some ideas for your own emerald cut piece with us!