Cosy Glamour

Sapphire ring and diamond bracelet reading a book


Why weigh up the choice between staying in, wrapped in a favourite sweater versus donning all the sparkles for a night on the town? The obvious answer is to embrace the two - we have always loved the high/low mix of a chunky knit paired with a refined choice in jewels. For us, it's all about mixing textures - the smooth lustre of pearls with soft layers of silk, while the crisp facets of gems seem the perfect counterpoint to a fluffy jumper.


Natasha Sherling cosy sweater with two gold bangles


Inspiration of course comes from Jenna Lyons and Ashley Olsen, two New Yorkers (where else would they be from?!) whose ability to attend a black tie gala in a mix of silk, feathers and wool sleeves rolled up is something we aspire to. But why keep it to evening events - this time of year holds opportunity for lots of lazy lunches, where comfort and glamour sit arm in arm - if guests at a table are just looking at each other from the waist-up, brilliant earrings and dazzling wristwear is surely the order of the day.  Because well-chosen jewellery will always add an easy, luxurious edge to everyday style - just like a classic cashmere sweater.


Baroque pearl earrings on yellow gold hooks

Meringue pearl earrings, on 18ct yellow gold hooks