All About Tahitian Pearls

If you're a June baby, you'll know well by now that your birthstone is a pearl! And while cream pearls are probably the most familiar to many people, did you know pearls can come in a variety of colours and sizes? One of our favourite types are Tahitian pearls; cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia (and most commonly Tahiti), these saltwater pearls are often found in varying tones of black and grey with pink, green and blue overtones. Their colour is a result of the particular oyster in which they grow; it produces layers of nacre (the irridescent coating for the pearl bead) that are shades of grey and black. They are also often slightly larger than average (starting around 8mm in diameter) and are more valuable than their freshwater counterparts. We love their soft hues, and how they are just a little bit different - we think they bring a great dramatic, contemporary edge to such a classic gemstone! We make beautiful strands of Tahitian necklaces and bracelets to order, but also use the interesting, elegant baroque shape in our earrings and lapel pins - take a look at our full range of pearl jewellery here!