All About...Engraving


Natasha Sherling custom silver cufflinks


Fine jewellery is inherently personal, often chosen to mark its wearer's significant moments. Adding an engraving adds an extra special touch, and is something often requested of us - we work with a Master Engraver, who engraves everything by hand, elevating the precious to the truly personal.

Engraving by hand ensures a deep, crisp finish, and also offers the scope for ultimate personalisation. From floral details on cufflinks to traditional dates inside rings (never forget your anniversary!), we can engrave wherever there's space - here, a few ideas for some of our favourites.


Natasha Sherling Ray of Light necklace engraved


An initial or monogram, depending on space, looks really strong on a pendant - go for your own or wear your heart on your sleeve with a family member - whether that's a new baby or a beloved pet.


Natasha Sherling Monogram Signet Ring


On the inside of the band, rings offer space for sweet phrases, names and/or dates - so there's no excuse for forgetting an anniversary! One important thing to consider when engraving a ring is that sizing might affect the piece; it can't be guaranteed that an engraving will be kept in tact when sizing a ring up or down. For this reason, make sure you're happy with the fit of the ring before any engraving work commences.


Natasha Sherling holding an engraved ring shank


We love this recent commission, with a very special and significant bark effect for only the wearer to know about - we engrave before we set the stones on our custom work! Signet rings of course offer lots of scope for something special on the main plate.


Natasha Sherling Silver cufflinks, engraved on the rear



The plates of cufflinks offer lots of space to play with. Again, monograms look so strong here; while classic style would dictate the initials of the wearer, if they're for a wedding it can be quite nice to feature the monogram of the happy couple - especially if they've had a custom one designed for the day. 


Natasha Sherling silver bangles


Bangles and cuffs are like rings but with so much more room. Poems and song lyrics have made an appearance on some of our bangles and cuffs but don't forget we can also offer any range of designs and patterns; something floral might be heavily symbolic and would look beautiful winding through the high shine of the metal.

From simple to intricate, we're happy to discuss a range of options to suit - some of our Ready to Wear has the option to add an engraving while shopping, but for anything more detailed please just drop us a line to!