Summer is Here...our tips on keeping jewellery pristine in the heat

Summer is here, and with it glorious weather and the bright summer sun. But how does jewellery fare in the heat? Here, our favourite tips:




Don't wear your rings swimming. Our fingers shrink in the cold, so particularly if you're a sea swimmer, please be vigilant and make sure you're wearing nothing you'd be disappointed to lose before diving in.

Do try layering light chains that will glint in the sun. Our Little Rays of Light chain can be worn at three different lengths making it the ideal piece to mix in with any other pendants.

Don't let sunscreen anywhere near your pearls. It will damage their lustre. If you're insistent on wearing them in the heat, put any cream on first and let it absorb completely before adding jewellery. At the end of the day, wipe the pearls with a soft damp cloth to remove any residue. Chlorine can also damage them, so do remove even the smallest studs before going for a dip.

Do consider adding colour to your stack! Our Camden double wrap bracelets add a great dose of bright fun to summer style; they are infinitely comfortable in the heat and can also happily worn in the water.

Finally...Do remember that metal reflects the sun! So be extra vigilant about sunscreen application under chains and pendants in particular and reapply spf regularly to avoid burning.